We Love

WeWeed is a Web 3 NFT project that builds in Thailand & Ethereum

We Farm

Successfully acquired license issued from the Department of Agriculture of Thailand, we are authorized to import Cannabis seed from Canada, England, the US, and The Netherlands.

We aim to create the best quality Cannabis in the market for consumers to get the best experience out of it!

We Chill

One WeWeed NFT valued at 1500 USDT.
One NFT equals One vote to WeWeed DAO

Total of 3,000 NFTs


Frequently Asked Questoins

There are a total of 3,000 NFTs

  • Founder 700
  • Community Contributor 100
  • Whitelist 1,200
  • Public 1,000

Founder NFTs are vested for 12 months.

From our financial projections, each year we generate arond 2.5mill usd profit per year.

Our model is designed to balance project growth and DAO memebers personal benefits.

Therefore intially the model will be 50% with shared with all DAO memeber (NFT Holders) and 50% towards the DAO Fund.

We are also welcome our community memeber to submit proposal in the future to adjust the ratios.

WeWeed will pay out yield every 3 months. 

Yes, we are 100% legal to farm and sell Cannabis in Thailand. 

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