WeWeed is a Web3 NFT project that build on Ethereum. The NFT holders represents ownership of the cannabis farm of the WeWeed Project.

The NFT holders can enjoy guaranteed reward, VIP memberships, join our physical clubhouse and tours to Thailand, etc.

WeWeed NFTs will be listed on Opensea and we will be building a game/experience of our factory in The Sandbox metaverse!

Welcome to the alternatetext

Buying a WeWeed costs 1,500 USDT.
There are no price tiers; meembership costs the same for everyone.

Total of 3,000 NFTs

50% income back to NFT Holders

15% APY guaranteed

Club House

Quarter Event

Look: High-end flower, like fresh, healthy produce, provides a few visual hints to help you determine its quality. While all good cannabis should be visually appealing, a top-shelf strain can easily display a vibrant array of colors. Good-quality flowers are often a deep green with flaming orange or red hairs. They can also express colors from deep purple to bright blue.


Q2 2023

– First Farm Complete
– Production Begins
– Bangkok Private Club SetUP

Q4 2023

– Voting For NFT Holders

Q4 2022

– License Applicatoin
– Community Building

Q1 2023

– Set up First Farm
– License Acquired

Q3 2023

– First 400KG Harvested

Strategic Investors and Partners

Frequently Asked Questoins

There are a total of 3,000 NFTs

  • Founder 700
  • Community Contributor 100
  • Whitelist 1,200
  • Public 1,000

Founder NFTs are vested for 12 months.

From our financial projections, each year we generate arond 2.5mill usd profit per year.

Our model is designed to balance project growth and DAO memebers personal benefits.

Therefore intially the model will be 50% with shared with all DAO memeber (NFT Holders) and 50% towards the DAO Fund.

We are also welcome our community memeber to submit proposal in the future to adjust the ratios.

WeWeed will pay out yield every 3 months. 

Yes, we are 100% legal to farm and sell Cannabis in Thailand. 

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