We Love

WeWeed is a Web 3 NFT project that builds in Thailand & Ethereum

We Farm

We have successfully obtained a license from the Department of Agriculture of Thailand, granting us the authority to import Cannabis seeds from Canada, the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands. Our ambition is to produce the highest quality Cannabis in the market, ensuring consumers receive the best possible experience.

We Chill

Reward by NFT, Co-build by DAO!

One WeWeed NFT valued at 1500 USDT.
One NFT equals One vote to WeWeed DAO

Total of 3,000 NFTs

Road Map and
Price adjectment forecast

Frequently Asked Questions

A total of 3,000 NFTs have been issued, broken down as follows: 700 for the founder (vested for 12 months to ensure long-term commitment to the project), 100 for community contributors, 1,200 for the whitelist, and 1,000 for the public.

Based on our financial projections, the weed farm is expected to generate around $2.5 million in profit per year. Please note that these are projections and actual results may vary.

Initially, 50% of the profits will be distributed as bonuses among all DAO members (NFT holders). The remaining 50% will be channeled into the DAO Fund. We encourage community members to submit proposals in the future if they believe adjustments to profit-sharing ratios are necessary.

Bonus events, which involve the distribution of profits to DAO members, are scheduled every 3 months.

Yes, our operation to farm and sell cannabis in Thailand is 100% legal.

By holding one of our NFTs, you automatically become a member of our DAO and can participate in decision-making, profit-sharing, and other community activities.

Yes, there is no restriction on the number of NFTs an individual can hold. However, owning multiple NFTs means increased participation in the DAO and a larger share of the bonus distributions.

We have a structured voting system in place. For major decisions, a proposal is put forward, and members can vote based on their preferences. A majority vote determines the course of action. For more significant disputes, we might consider third-party mediation or arbitration.

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